Responsive Web

Responsive web payments that works across all mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

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Native Application

Easy to integrate iOS and Android frameworks deliver a native in-application payments experience.

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Network Security

Incorporates encryption and authentication technology to secure communications over public networks.

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Cardholder Verification

Extends Authipay anti-fraud measures with additional policies to help determine card-holder present

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See how m:Cypher® can benefit your business

Take payments from within your application

Your customers expect to be able to pay directly on your web-site or with your app without having to go to another page. Now you can give them that option by adding m:Cypher® payments to your websites and mobile apps. Your customers will have the assurance that they are making payments to you via a trusted and secure merchant service.


m:Cypher® Payments uses m:Cypher® network and application security technology from Actus Mobile to give an unprecedented level of security for both you and your customers.


Stay in control

m:Cypher® Payments gives you more control of your business with a merchant console that lets you see all payments across different devices and web-sites. You'll be able to see when your customers are most active and what they prefer to use when doing business with you. You'll shine a whole new light on your customers.

Better for your customers

It’s a quick and convenient way to pay for your customers and is even simpler when they return as they will not have to re-enter all their details.

Contact your AIBMS account manager for more information or let your developer show you how easy it is to get started.

If you do not use AIB Merchant Services contact us to discuss supporting your merchant services provider.


The most secure card-not-present payments solution with simple user-interfaces providing a near frictionless purchase experience.


Responsive Web

The m:Cypher® Web Payments Toolkit simplifies and enhances integration of web sites with AIB Merchant Services. Fully responsive, the toolkit helps to provide a fraud-free e-commerce environment for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone users.

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Works With AIBMS

Fully integrated into AIB Merchant Services so you can use your existing merchant account. Contact your AIBMS account manager for more information and pricing.



The m:Cypher® Android Payments Toolkit simplifies and enhances integration of native iOS applications with AIB Merchant Services. The toolkit supports both iPhone and iPad form factors and works with iOS 8.1 onwards.

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Customers' card details are securely stored in the Authipay gateway and just an m:Cypher® token representating the card identity sent to the customer's browser or mobile device.



The m:Cypher® Android Payments Toolkit simplifies and enhances integration of native Android applications with AIB Merchant Services. The toolkit supports both phone and tablet layouts and works with Android KitKit onwards.

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Merchant Console

The m:Cypher® Merchant Console is a browser based dashboard to manage m:Cypher® Payments. All one place, the Merchant Console provides the tools to configure applications, set security policies, search transactions, analyse data and run reports.

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Point-to-Point Encryption & Source Authentication

m:Cypher® Network & Application Security combines symmetric and asymmetric ciphers to deliver secure point-to-point encryption between client and server. m:Cypher® transactions are unable to be intercepted and observed via man-in-the-middle attacks. An m:Cypher® transaction also carries a digital fingerprint that certifies the authenticity of the transaction.

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m:Cypher® Network & Application Security can also be used as a standalone module to secure Mobile Banking applications.

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m:Cypher® Payments is a fully hosted payments-as-a-service solution.

m:Cypher® Payments is a multi-instance, multi-region solution securely hosted in Microsoft Azure delivering always-on availability.


PCI Service Provider Level 1 Approved

m:Cypher® Payments is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. With our solution we do all the heavy lifting to provide merchant PCI compliance. As all cardholder data functions are outsourced, merchants can self-certify using a simple questionnaire.

Link to PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire A »


Cardholder Verification

m:Cypher® Payments helps establish card-holder present for card-not-present transactions. During card registration, and building upon the card security provided by Authipay (Address Verification, CVV & 3DS), m:Cypher® adds additional security features such as Jurisdiction rules, Geo-positioning rules, Velocity Checking & BIN restrictions. Once a payment card has been registered the trust that has been established is maintained by m:Cypher® Network Security enabling near-frictionless payments for returning customers.


m:Cypher® payments can be added as part of your AIBMS merchant package. Indicative pricing is displayed below.

  • Small Merchant
  • less than 1,000 transactions per month
  • €0.07 / transaction
  • Medium Merchant
  • 1,001 - 10,000 transactions per month
  • €0.05 / transaction
  • Large Merchant
  • more than 10,000 transactions per month
  • €0.04 / transaction


See how easy it is to integrate m:Cypher® into your web site or mobile application.

When you sign-up sandboxes are automatically added to your account so you can test your integration without the need for a live merchant account.

There are additional APIs that can be called for server integration.

Responsive Web Payments Toolkit

1. Include the payments scripts:

<script src="">

2. Create a pay button and wire up the click event to the payment function:

$('#payment-button').on('click', createPayment);

3. Implement the payment function passing price, currency code, basket label, and transaction reference/order Id:

function createPayment() {
    ActusMobile.createPayment('{API_KEY}', 12.99, 'GBP', 'basket label', 'txn reference', function (error, data) {
        if (error) {
        } else if (data) {
        } else {
            console.warn('User cancelled');

Android Native Application Payments Toolkit

1. Integrate the "Slide to pay" view:

<relativelayout xmlns:android ="" 
        android:paddingtop="16dp" />

2. Call the payments toolkit:

public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity {       
    protected void onCreate(final Bundle savedInstanceState) {         
        final SlideToPayView slideToPayView = (SlideToPayView) findViewById(;         
        slideToPayView.setSlideToPayListener(new SlideToPayView.SlideToPayListener() {             
            public void pay() {                 
                    MainActivity.this, new MerchantPaymentRequest(12.99, "GBP", "a basket label", "txn reference"),
                        "{API_KEY}", "{API_KEY}", "P2PEURL");

3. Handle the response from the toolkit:

protected void onActivityResult(final int requestCode, final int resultCode, final Intent data) {     
    if (requestCode == PaymentsToolkit.PAYMENT_REQUEST_CODE) {         
        switch (resultCode) {             
            case Activity.RESULT_OK:                 
                final Bundle bundle = data.getBundleExtra(PaymentsToolkit.PAYMENT_BUNDLE);                 
                final MerchantPaymentResponse payment =  bundle.getParcelable(PaymentsToolkit.PAYMENT_RESPONSE);                 
                Toast.makeText(this, "Payment auth code:\n" + payment.getAuthCode(), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();                 
            case Activity.RESULT_CANCELED:                 
                Toast.makeText(this, "Payment cancelled", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();                 
        } else {
            super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);     

iOS Native Application Payments Toolkit

1. Add initialisation values to the plist:

Key Type Value
ActusPaymentsToolkitInitUrl String{API_KEY}
ActusPaymentsToolkitP2PEUrl String
ActusPaymentsToolkitMerchantId String {API_KEY}

2. Add the AMSlideToPayViewController to the containing view controller:

// import the header file
@import PaymentsToolkit;
// Add an AMSlideToPayViewController​property (either to your .m if you need the control
// to be private, or your .h if you need the control to be public).
@property (strong, nonatomic) AMSlideToPayViewController *slideToPayControl;

3. Add the AMSlideToPayResultDelegate:

// implement the AMSlideToPayResultDelegate protocol
@interface YourViewController : UIViewController
// Define the delegate
­(void) paymentProcessFinishedWithStatusCode:(enum AMPaymentRequestStatusCode) 
status paymentResponse: (AMPaymentResponse*) 
response andError: (NSError*) error;

4. Override the prepareForSeque method:

// create a payment for 10.00 EUR
AMMerchantPaymentRequest *request = [[AMMerchantPaymentRequest alloc] init];
request.currencyCode = @"EUR";
request.basketLabel = @"Shopping for Clothes";
request.merchantTransactionReference = @"111­XXX­ABB";
request.amount = [NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithMantissa:1000 exponent:­2 isNegative:NO];

5. Set the AMMerchantPaymentRequest property on the AMSlideToPayViewController:

[self.slideToPayControl setBasket:request];

Screen Shots

See the Payments Toolkits and Merchant Console in action

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